“To be the leading provider of solutions to technological challenges facing various sectors while providing ICT services to all”

At Dobetech, we are aware of the diversity there is in the economic and other various development sectors. Further, observing the current wave of technological revolution, our main ambition is to increase accessibility to ICT services throughout Kenya by partnering with likeminded service providers to improve the quality of life of Kenyans by empowering them technologically.
With effect to this, Dobetech has adopted a market need orientation, developing tailor made solutions for its customers, backed by an articulate management system that enables us to withstand the challenges that may arise within the industry in pursuant of our vision.

“Speedy delivery of modern technological solutions and products with zero defects and at affordable prices”

Within the course of our operation, we have developed a large client base characterized by unique needs and financial capabilities. We have therefore made it our responsibility to adopt a flexible mode of operation through which we are quick to adopt upcoming innovations and tailor them to meet the needs of our customers.

Consequently, we have developed a highly professional and sufficiently skilled blend of human resources whose task is to source and stock the latest, most authentic products and in service delivery, put customers’ best interests forward. Our team has profound know-how on software development and a wealth of information on IT, emerging as a one-stop consultancy shop for all IT queries.
We are fully dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction through strategic operations that maintains the cost of quality at affordable levels and an articulate control process at all levels of operation to ensure quality consistency. This sees to it that our products are of the best quality coupled by a human resource team that is not only leaders in their field but also highly dedicated to customer service and wholistic growth of the firm and the larger society.

Our core priority is to accomplish our mission and achieve success for our esteemed principals “clients”

The principle objectives of our institution are:-

Ownership, organization and professional background
Dobetech is owned by private shareholders with a firmly established capital base and it’s a fully compliant firm with legal requirements governing its sector. Registration number 488455.

We have a well structured organization framework complete with a board of directors and dynamic management procedure as well as defined reporting lines. Our structure provides for both local business operations and establishment of co-operation networks, well adjustable to market needs and customer requirements.

Our personnel base is drawn from a highly professional pool and sufficient enough to meet all customer needs. We operate under current governing quality standards and we are up-to-date in terms of knowledge and information, offering state-of-the-art expertise in all lines of service delivery.

Service provision
Observing that efficiency is our first priority, Dobetech engages in various activities aimed at introducing a touch of professionalism in our operations while ensuring absolute customer satisfaction. These include:

Business strategy
In order to assure efficiency in service delivery and achieve its mission and vision, Dobetech pursues a strategy of profitable growth focusing on both the clients and the firm itself. We work towards establishing sustainable growth and profitability at the company level which then trickles down to our customers in form of affordable prices for goods and services and specialized high quality service delivery. Achieving this strategy has been enabled by our extensive technological expertise, customer centered approach and strategic marketing that has enabled creation of a large pool of clients.